DIGILANTE Records is the new millennia record label most know for its exclusive focus upon musical artists and collectives that create cutting edge electronica for the post modern scene.

DIGILANTE Records maintains, manages and promotes a very economic & selective group of chosen artists at any given time.

DIGILANTE Records insures that its talent base is well within its budget and manpower capacity - thus insuring all of its clients that they will be offered powerful and equivalent marketing, management & promotional tools and assistance at all times.

Currently, DIGILANTE Records is not in the process of adding new talent and artistry to its very selective business model. However, like all things in the post modern music industry, this current cap on our client base may change at any time. Therefore, please check back from time to time for updates & opportunities.

For more information on our list of featured artists regarding booking and/or publishing agreements for these artists, please contact us through our “contact form” and a company representative will get back to you promptly.

We thank you for your interest in our label.



…soundly remembering tomorrow!